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India's Best e-Contents 2005
This book consists of profiles and details of all the
awardees of Manthan Award 2005.




2006Message of Empowerment
India's Best e-Contents 2006
This book consists of profiles and details of all the awardees of Manthan-AIF Award 2006. In addition, you can find analysis of the nominations in terms of their platform, media, technology, state from which they applied, and the categories they belonged to. You will also have a chance to get the comprehensive perspective of the role of e-content in development of the nation, and how e-content producers are adding value to ICT applications.



e-Content for Development in India
This publication consists of profiles and details of all the awardees of the Manthan Award 2007.






edevelopmente-Content for Development in South Asia
This book consists of profiles and details of all the awardees of Manthan Award 2008.





2009South Asia's Best e-Contents 2009
This is the annual publication brought out on the occasion of the Manthan Award South Asia 2009. It profiles all the awardees of the 6th edition of the Manthan Award South Asia and also includes all related articles.





econtent2e-Content – Voices From The Ground 1.0 & 2.0
Osama Manzar co-authours with Peter Bruck two volumes of the book 'e-Content – VOICES FROM THE GROUND' Version
1.0 & the Sequel 2.0. Each book was released on the occasion of World Summit Award Gala in 2003 & 2005 respectively.





dcontentdCONTENT – The Great Content Effect
This magazine highlights the role of digital content in ICT4D. dCONTENT's Mar – Apr '2009 issue is a special issue. It looks at the local digital content scene in as many as 20 countries around the world, from Austria to Tunisia. Featured authors include R. Sivakumar, Vasudev Varma, A.T. Jeyaseelan & Sajan Venniyoor.



dCONTENT: Enabling Development through Digital Content


digitalDevelopment & Digital Inclusion
This book compiles successful deployments of ICT and digital media-enabled projects, their impact, and broader learnings for society at large. It advocates the necessity of appropriate digital content and services over just technology development.





Mobile for Masses – South Asia’s Best Mobile Innovations 2010
The book titled ‘Mobile for Masses’ features a collection of informative and provocative insights into the mobile sector, as well as details of the best mobile innovations and projects from across South Asia. The process culminated in the mBillionth Award South Asia 2010. Many of these projects were also nominated for the World Summit Award Mobile 2010.

Fifteen Years of the Internet in India: Retrospectives and Roadmaps
This wide-ranging book profiles the impact of the Internet in India over the past 15 years, after it was introduced as a commercial medium in 1995. Movers, shapers and analysts of the Internet trace key highlights of Internet evolution, impacts across sectors, and anecdotes of its development. Useful recommendations and thought-provoking forecasts
are also provided.

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